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We have partnered with Helping Hands for all live-in care

Favoured Health Care CIC is dedicated to providing you with high-quality domiciliary care and cater to your changing circumstances. All our care programmes are designed to help you lead a dignified and independent life, without making drastic changes in your lifestyle. In order to serve you better, we have partnered with one of the most well-known care providers in the country - Helping Hands.


This organisation is one of the largest care providers for home services within England and Wales.

  • Comprehensive live-in care

  • Full time assistance

  • Care for the elderly

  • Ensure you have peace of mind

  • Support for younger people

  • Care planning


If you want quality assured care by professional carers anywhere in Surrey or in any location across London, get in touch with Favoured Health Care CIC. We will give you the best domiciliary care to help you deal with your circumstances and live an independent life.

How can this partnership benefit you?

Our partner is a Nationwide Award-Winning Home Care

If you need live-in carers anywhere across the UK, you will get the very best in terms of care services at Helping Hands. Find out more about Helping Hands here.

If you want more information about our care partner, please visit www.helpinghandshomecare.co.uk

You can also call us on

020 3620 1114

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