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Efficient and well-trainer staff

  • Nurses

  • Health Care Assistants

  • Support Workers

  • Social Workers

  • Domestic Staff

  • Catering Staff

  • Porters

Whether you need domestic help in your kitchen or live-in care for an ailing family member, get in touch with us on:

020 3620 1114

Flexible staffing for nursing and care requirements

If you are in need to fill in for planned or unplanned staff absence in your nursing home or other care establishments, Favoured Health Care CIC is here to help you. Our flexible staffing is designed to cater to organisations that need temporary care staff at a short notice.

Services we also provide:

  • Workers Induction and Supervision

  • Interviewed by Trained Consultant

  • DBS Checks

  • Training

  • Cover is provided for a variety of situations:

  • Sickness cover

  • Maternity cover

  • Short & long term contracts

  • Training Days

Our staff are selected on the basis of merit and their ability to provide the service to the required standards. The appropriate approach is to ensure that our clients are satisfied. This is reflected in the level of care and superior standard within our service.


Our staff are carefully selected and recruited using stringent standards to ensure that the nurses and carers we provide are competent, reliable and maintain the standards set by Favoured Health Care.

Kitchen and domestic staff

Our kitchen porters have a passion for food, are highly efficient and motivated. They are able to assist with preparing of food, dish-washing and keeping the work area a clean and safe environment, enabling the cooks to carry out their duties efficiently.


We are also able to supply experienced staff to all care industries for cleaning and laundry services.

Design Element

A thorough induction is given to all new staff to ensure consistency in the quality of care that we provide. Training is always considered to be an ongoing process to ensure our staff are up to date with current legislation and practices, and competent to deliver your care.


We provide shadowing opportunities; this further provides support workers to become familiar with more than one client hence ensuring continuity of service and appropriate cover when the assigned support worker is unavailable.


We ensure a high standard of delivery of our services through regular monitoring. Our experienced management team and external consultants undertake ongoing audits and evaluations to ensure the service continues to meet service standards; thus ensuring that we put our client’s needs at the centre of our services.


Favoured Health Care places a number of values above all others as we provide high quality health care. The agency provides a range of services listed below:

Staff Training